Sesquicentennial Pie Baking Contest

pieThe St. Williams Altar Society is sponsoring a pie baking contest, Saturday, August 6th at the Perry Sesquicentennial.  The pies must be checked in at the bandstand by 12:30 pm on the day of the contest.  The results will be announced on the main stage at 2 pm.  This contest is intended for amateur bakers only.  Professional bakers or those who earn a portion of their livelihood from baking are asked not to enter the contest.  Each dessert pie must be made from scratch, you may not use pie filling or pre-made store bought crust.  All pies that need special handling, refrigeration or heating elements are not allowed.  We recommend that pies are baked in disposable pans only, as pans will not be returned.  Each pie must also include a cover.   Official entry forms can be downloaded online at or contact pie contest chairman, Jan Garner at 573-231-2684.

Contact: Jan Garner, 573-231-2684 or
Pie Baking Contest Entry Form
    Pie Baking Contest Official Rules

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