Sesquicentennial Throwback Thursday – Week 2


Perry Enterprise
March 3, 1932

One of the old landmarks, the McClintic Livery barn, was torn down Monday to make was for a new modern filling station which J. A. McClintic and son, Thomas, will erect on this site. 1924 Mr. McClintic sold the corner lot on which was part of the barn, to the Standard people who built an attractive station on the site. The building by the side of the barn, which for years was used by Dr. W. F. Martin for his office, will be also be torn down.

There is quite a bit of history back to the old livery barn. It was built about 55 years ago by Thomas F. Gill, father of Judge M. T. Gill and S. C. Gill and in its day has housed many head of fine driving and saddle horses. For a number of years it was operated by Judge M. T. Gill, who sold it to J. A. McClintic about 1897. Since that time Mr. McClintic has been engaged in the livery and trucking business, using the barn for his teams and later for his trucks. Years ago the Gill home stood on the lot where the post office building now stands.
The contact for the contract for the work was let to Perry and Charles Tredway. The old metal roof, which was put on by Martin Stehle, father of William N. Stehle, was still in good condition.
Mr. McClintic has not decided yet what product he will handle.

perry-1Note; The livery on the right in the older photo is now the site of J & L Collison & Glass at 200 East Main. The doctor’s office on the left is now the “The Old Service Station Antiques” The other photo shows the one room service station that replaced the livery and still in use by J & L as an office. The building used by the antique shop was built a few years later.

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