July 16th Sesquicentennial Meeting Notes

The Perry Area Sesquicentennial committee met for there monthly meeting on Thursday, July 16th.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ron Leake.  The minutes and treasurers report was approved.  Dustin Wasson presented the funding donation packet to everyone in attendance.  The committee will now break down the areas and assign the committee with businesses to call upon for donations.

Updates were given by the committee chairman in attendance.  Cyndy Coleman discussed games and contests and what days these events would be held on.  Dustin Wasson announced that Kayla Stevener and Amber Kessler will be the chairman for the baby show and little Mr. and Miss Perry Sesquicentennial contests.

The sesquicentennial is pleased to announce a new online donation process through PayPal.  Donations are being accepted for individual, family and business level sponsorships.  Visit our website to find out more information at www.perrymo150.com/donate

The sesquicentennial has received four donations recently, three bronze level sponsors and one platinum level sponsor.

For more information please contact Ron Leake at 573-248-6147 or contact Dustin Wasson at 573-305-3158

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